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Vet Surgery 

If you dog or cat needs to have surgery it may be for many reasons.  This could be a routine procedure like a spay or neuter, which we describe as an elective procedure.  This could also be due to an injury or illness.

No matter what type of surgery your faced with for your pet, Lisner Animal Hospital can help you with ensuring a safe and fast recovery.  At our vet clinic we perform surgery every weekday and have certified nurses to assist in safe preperation and monitoring.

What to expect before your surgery day?

If your considering having a surgery performed you should consult with our DVM in person.  This ensures accurate communication with you and the staff.  The most important thing to us is the safety of your dog or cat.  A full physical examination and proper testing prior to anesthesia is crucial to this safety goal.  

If you have already met with our vet and the surgery has been planned but not scheduled then reach our to the front desk to book a surgery day that works best for you.  

On the day of surgery...

The night before your procedure we recommend fasting at least 12 hours prior to drop off.  That means your dog or cat can get an early dinner but after that no food or water is advised leading up to the morning drop off.  

Most of our surgeries are dropping off at 8 am to 9 am depending on the procedure and the staff helping with the morning schedule.  This will be clearly communicated with you at scheduling.  

You will be asked to fill paperwork out and your pet will be given to the safe, trusted hands of one of our nurses.  The vet will do an exam on your pet prior to sedation or procedures and the surgery will be prepared for.

Surgery time...

During whatever surgery your patient is having, the nurses are working to maintain a safe and nonpainful patient.  Our staff is uniquely skilled to provide this care and have the best equipment to ensure this is safe.  

Every procedure is different and the medications or surgical plans vary according the patient being treated.  Having an individualized plan is part of the job of the vet to match safe goals with drug and dose choices to a successful outcome to be achieved. 

After the surgery or procedure is performed the vet will call you to discuss and update you on how everything went.  There will be clear communication so that you know what the next few hours will look like. 

Recovery and discharge

After surgery patients are monitored for healthy breaching, heart rates, and pain control.  Our nursing care is monitoring a safe recovery to ensure no problems until your pick up.


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Wellness consults and prevention through vaccines like distemper, parvo and rabies are common practice at Lisner Animal Hopsital.
Broken leg, torn CCL (ACL for people), luxating patella, or other vet orthopedic injuries?  Our certified team can help with your pet's orthopedic surgery.
Our team uses ultrasound to look in your pet's abdomen for answers to the veterinary questions in a noninvasive way.
Using our safe protocol we can ensure we take every precaution to ensure that your dog or cat's dental cleaning is a success.
No matter the situation our team of veterinary professionals can handle your crisis.  Staying calm and using our training will assist in recovery of the urgent problem.
In House Blood
Advanced testing in house gives answers to your dog or cat when we need them.  This is a unique emergency service that helps us give clear answers quickly.
Digital Radiographs
Using up to date technology is key to helping have answers when problems happen.  New digital x-ray in veterinary medicine helps with clear and fast x-ray development. 
Laser Therapy
Laser therapy assists in the healing process for your pet with any injury.  We have nurses trained to assist in your pet's needs and how the laser therapy can assist.
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What Patients Are Saying About Us
I needed a second opinion on euthanizing my 14-year-old dog, though I am not ready to leave my regular vet. They saw us right away and agreed to share info with my regular vet. Dr Alex was very professional and answered all my questions. I am even considering Walnut Lake for future visits with my other pets!
Dr. G was not only able to. get us in so quickly but was able to see the pain our pet was in and offered to do the surgery same day, we have never seen such a compassionate vet & clinic! I cant say good enough things about Dr. G and the way he is taking care of our collie!
I found 2 stray kittens that were abandoned near our house one night during my walk. These little guys were skin and bones. It was nearly closing time when I called Walnut Lake Animal Hospital and they didn't hesitate for a single second to stay open past work hours to look at the kittens. The Vet and his staff were so kind and generous with their time and services. I definitely recommend this Veterinary practice to anyone who has pets, or is looking for a reliable and trustworthy veterinarian!
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